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SiS Beta Fuel

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In development, a beta test is the second phase of testing in which a sampling of the intended audience tests a product or service. Beta Fuel has been in elite testing since summer 2017 and we will continue to gather elite insight and complete performance trials throughout 2018.

How does Beta Fuel work? A rate limiting factor of exogenous carbohydrate utilisation during exercise is the transportation of the nutrients across the intestinal wall. Once the sodium-dependent transporter, used to transport maltodextrin, is saturated at 60g per hour, additional carbohydrate in the form of fructose can be absorbed through another transporter, GLUT5.

Fuelling long endurance events (greater than 2.5 hours) requires 60-90 g of carbohydrate per hour. Beta Fuel has been developed to deliver these high levels of carbohydrate with minimal risk of GI issues.Why 2:1 now for Science in Sport?2:1 ratio sports drinks aren't new; however, historically they're delivered in hypertonic solutions meaning a high risk of stomach upsets which is why we've avoided as a brand. Now, following a development cycle alongside Team Sky, 2018 Giro D'Italia Winners,

Beta Fuel is a breakthrough technology delivering the optimal dosage of carbohydrate whilst maintaining an isotonic solution.What's the recommended usage for Beta Fuel?Mix one serving of Beta Fuel with 500ml fluid and drink little & often during exercise to meet fuelling requirements. No complicated directions, our drink isn't limited by a need to use a specific type of water like other niche brands, simply mix & go.